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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tennis Ball Pro

This is a QR code poster that I recently made. Tennis Ball Pro is a game where you work individually through a number of stages to improve your hand-eye coordination. You must pass each stage in order to progress onto the next level, therefore you can practise and develop at your own rate.
Click the picture below to download a full-size version.


Check out this clip from Jason Garfield explaining how to juggle three balls.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tag Rugby

Drill: Catch me if you can.


  • Number of players : up to 10 in a group.
  • Each player should have a tag belt.
  • Each player should partner up with someone and then proceed to stand side by side. On the coaches call the players run to that sideline. If the coach calls 1 for example they have to run to the sideline before the 2s can catch them.
Coaching Points
  • Start with feet moving and legs bent ready to turn and sprint away.
  • Move away quickly over the first 2 - 3 metres.
  • Increase the channel width as players improve.