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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Using Sportalyser

The app 'Sportalyser' is a great way to show a skill throughout different frames for analysis. This can work either for athletes to analyse their own performance or for coaches/teachers to show a comprehensive breakdown of a skill. Click on the picture below to view the example I made of a front foot drive that I intend on showing my cricket players.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Using Airserver

 Recently I downloaded Airserver onto my laptop (http://www.airserverapp.com/). This meant that my laptop could mirror anything that was shown on my IPad. As shown in the pictures below, I attached my laptop to a projector in the gym, whilst I set up my IPad on the tripod so that my students could watch their own shooting technique. I used BAM video delay (mentioned in an earlier post) and set up a replay screen with a 10 second delay, this way the students could watch each of their shots. Using Airserver will be very valuable when used in this way. In the future I will also use it to use with programs such as Coaches Eye, where I can show the whole group on a larger screen rather than everyone trying to gather around the IPad.