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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Apps in PE

Recently I was lucky enough to be involved with the Connected PE conference in Kuala Lumpar. Jarrod Robinson was inspirational and insightful with his use of intergrating technology in the classroom.
Check out Jarrod's Blog at http://thepegeek.com/.
Here are a few of the apps that we tested out and discussed throughout the conference:
Coaches Eye
Coaches Eye is the premier video analysis app available on iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices. The app is an absolute must have and brings exceptional insight to your Physical Education classes. Simply point and shoot your desired footage and tap to begin an instant on the spot analysis. Users can finely tune the footage the exact frame using the ‘fly wheel’ at the bottom. You can then use the drawing tools to complete a telestration emphasising the important aspects of the performance. The really exciting addition to the app which takes it to the next level, is its ability to create a voice over recording during the video analysis. This recording can then be shared via Text Message, Email, YouTube or other social media platforms making it the easiest and most powerful way to improve performance. The following video showcases the power of Coaches Eye http://youtu.be/qARthGvklmc

The most exceptional video feedback app I have seen on an iOS device. With this app you can simultaneously record and display delayed video. This means that a PE Teacher can have the app pointed towards any sort of discrete skill and after the skill has been completed the performer has adequate time to return to the screen to see their skill in action. Where this app takes it to the next level is its ability to allow a grid of 4 different video delay timers effectively creating 4 opportunities to view your performance (See the picture below). The user can then specify a different delay time for each grid and dynamically alter the delay by swiping up or down with their finger on the grid. This app is a must have for PE Teachers and sports coaches who are keen to take performance analysis to the next level. Use it in gymnastics, dance, track and field or during skill development. The possibilities are endless and especially enhanced with the addition of an iPod/iPad Tripod.

CoachNote is an exceptional app that allows users to record set plays and game strategies for a variety of team sports. The coach simply drags the icons onto the screen to represent the players and can then record the movement of the players and the ball as they narrate. This app fits perfectly into any Games Sense or TGFU class, where students are responsible for developing deeper understanding of the tactics and strategies within the games they play. Teachers can also utilise the apps recording function to allow students to demonstrate their game understanding

MusicWorkout is a unique interval timer that utilises your music to inform you when it’s time to rest and time to work. Perfect for teachers, coaches, trainers or anyone looking to structure lessons or group rotations. Simply add a workout selecting the warm up, work duration, rest duration and the number of repetitions and your music will guide you through the activity. Choosing from one of three different rest settings the app will either pause the music, lower the volume or sound a bell when its time to rest. This audible signal means that you can focus on the session and not the stopwatch or timer.

Simple application that allows you to do statistical recording within sports. Users can very quickly setup a game panel with tiles dedicated to specific actions the user wishes to observe. The user then taps the events as they observe them throughout the game play, ultimately completing a statistical analysis. The perfect tool for getting key performance indicators within games. Have injured students do recording during practical classes to provide insight into game play. Results can then be exported directly to email for further analysis. Also available for Android devices

a unique timer and photo finish app that employs the same techniques as the professional equipment used at the Olympics. Start the timer and point the camera towards the finish line. sprintTimer will build an image of narrow slices of the finish line. You can then scroll along the photo to get the time when each competitor crosses the finish line with a 0.01 s resolution. The image can then be saved for record keeping. To top it off the timer can also be activated by a button touch or automatically by sensing the gun sound.

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